Form 1 Tube Engraving

Form 1 Tube Engraving


  • Use the engraving builder to let us know where you would like us to mark your tube.

    Engraving Location

    Please select the area where you would like your tube to be engraved.

    • $
    Number of Lines
    • One line
      • Really long engraving across the length of the tube
    • Two lines
      • Line 1: Maker / City, State
      • Line 2: Model / Caliber / Serial
    • Four Lines
      • Nearly everything on its own line (Model and Caliber share Line 3)
    • $
    Tube Material

    What material is your tube?

    • $
    • $

    Input the details as they appear on your Form 1.

    Firearm Information

    This information should match your Form 1 submission exactly, and will be engraved exactly as listed here in all caps.

    *Maker (Your name, or the name of your trust)

    As it appears on line 1 of box 3b on your Form 1

    *City and State

    As it appears in box 4b of your Form 1


    As it appears in box 4d of your Form 1


    As it appears in box 4c of your Form 1

    *Serial Number

    As it appears in box 4g of your Form 1

    Darken Engraving?

    Choose this option to make the engraving as discrete as possible on dark receivers. We accomplish this by using a specific frequency on our laser to anneal the top layer of the engraving and then apply a chemical compound to darken the area as much as possible.

    Please note: We will not chemically darken a bare tube! This could darken the surrounding area as well, so we will anneal the top layer as dark as possible for you.

    • $

    Priority Engraving

    Choose this option to have your tube back in the mail within 24-hours of us receiving it.

    • $

    How would you like to pay for return shipping?

    • $

    Include extra insurance?

    If you would like insurance on your return shipment (in case of loss or damage from the shipping courier), please select it here.

    • $

    *Return Shipping

    Your tube will be returned to the shipping address entered at checkout. If shipped in the same box as a serialized firearm, it will be returned to the address on the return label only.


    After checkout, please ship your tube to us! Do not include any end caps, mounting devices, or sauce cups.

    Penn Armory
    5221 Creekwood Dr
    Harrisburg, PA 17109

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