How's that Form 1 build coming along? 👀

We get it. You’ve already paid for your equipment, plus you’ve got to shell out another $200 for a tax stamp. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on engraving just to have a few letters scribbled on a receiver or tube, right? Say no more.

Whether you’re a veteran to the NFA world, or you’re looking to build your first Short Barreled Rifle (or Form 1 suppressor) – we’ve got your engraving needs covered.

The firearm hobby should be affordable and accessible. It’s the reason Penn Armory was founded and it’s why we continue to offer our services today at an affordable rate.

Our bread and butter.

We designed and 3D printed jigs to perfectly position standard AR-style receivers. This allows for consistent and quality ATF-compliant markings with very little change in laser calibration.

Penn Armory (that’s us!) also offer stripped lower receivers for sale which you can have engraved prior to shipping. We even send you the lower’s serial number when it ships to your FFL so that you can begin to prepare your Form 1 paperwork without delay. Just swap over your components and go.

Shhh… did you hear that?

It’s us. Lasering cyndrical tubes with your name and other ATF-required Form 1 markings. And yes. We do memes.

We do not sell any DIY components, sorry. Only engraving.

Custom is cool.

And if you’ve got some vector artwork, we’ll engrave it into your receiver, slide, or whatever other component you send us.

Contact us for more information on this service.

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